Students present their best ideas at BGSU's The Hatch

Students present their best ideas at BGSU's The Hatch

BOWLING GREEN, OH (Toledo News Now) - Some of Bowling Green State University's entrepreneurs came together for "The Hatch" at the Stroh on Wednesday.

The program is a unique opportunity for select students to launch a business with hopes of convincing a few investors to help fund the idea, similar to the show Shark Tank.

This year, over 100 students submitted ideas. Only the best were selected and then given 10 weeks to work with a mentor to refine their product. They then got to come to the big event at the Stroh to see if any of the investors would bite.

Alan Eschweiler had his shopping type app selected last year.

"It's really exciting...all the opportunities that opened up for me. I'm really hoping and excited for all the new students that the same opportunities are open for them," said Eschweiler.

Now a new set of students, like Michael Cervantes, are looking for funding.

"It's going to happen, it will become a reality eventually," said Cervantes.

The junior is one of nine hatchlings involved in the program this year.

"I'm hoping that when I go out there and do my presentation the passion will be coming and they're going to know this is actually something I really care about, and something I really like to do, and hopefully they're going to want to be on board with it," said Cervantes.

He came up with Machi HIbachi, a hibachi style food truck he wants to set up in Columbus. Cervates is asking for $50,000 for a 33 percent stake in his company.

But would any of the investors bite?

"You've done some great things, this is the first time you've asked for money. I think you will be successful, but I'm going to pass," said Brian Sokol, investor and President of Oasis Consumer Healthcare.

Sadly no, all five investors turned him down.

At the end of it all, there were two deals, and four potentials, coming in well over six figures.

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