Only on 11: Crime down in Toledo, a look back at Chief Kral's first four months

Only on 11: Crime down in Toledo, a look back at Chief Kral's first four months

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) - Crime is down in the City of Toledo with only two homicides reported so far this year. WTOL 11 sat down exclusively with Police Chief George Kral to talk about this decrease in crime within his first four months on the job.

Crime in Toledo is at its lowest in four years, but Chief Kral says he is all about transparency and whether good or bad, the community will know what is going on behind the scenes.

“We work for the citizens of Toledo and they should know what's going on here as much as humanly possible and what better way than to use Facebook and Twitter,” said Chief Kral.

Tuesday Kral wrote a post on social media, explaining the difficulties he's faced his first four months as chief, dealing with the death of three mayors, an inmate who died in custody, and an internal investigation into an officer who reportedly slapped a suspect in custody.

“Nothing can be perfect all the time and it's my philosophy that you get out in front of it so there is not that error of secrecy or we are trying to keep things in house,” said Kral.

The Chief also noted in his post how much crime is down in Toledo.

“Homicides are not a suppressible crime, but I think with the men and women being out on the streets, being visible and solving crimes, investigating crimes, responding to calls for service - that does have an impact on the homicide rate,” said Kral.

He says all crime in the City of Toledo is down close to 20 percent from 2013 to 2014 and he hopes those numbers continue to fall with his commitment to community policing.

“I want to make sure the officers are getting out of their cars, on the street walking… on bicycles, whatever the case may be, we have a motivated work force here as we do now, we are going to do great things,” said Kral.

Kral also says personnel complaints are down 20 percent from this same time last year.

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