Springfield Township hoping to fill empty Kroger stores with new business

Springfield Township hoping to fill empty Kroger stores with new business

SPRINGFIELD TOWNSHIP, OH (Toledo News Now) - It's been about three months since two Kroger stores in Springfield Township close their doors when a Kroger Marketplace. Those stores have been sitting empty since then, but the township is making progress in plans to fill the space.

Springfield Township Zoning Inspector Jacob Barnes says there have been several companies interested in the empty Kroger stores, but so far there is no official word on who will move in.

The Kroger at Spring Meadows on Airport Highway has a new owner who has been working to fill the vacant building. Barnes says it may be easier for that store to find a new tenant than the one along McCord road.

“We expect the one in Springfield Meadows to fill quicker, just because there's increased demand in that area. There's hardly any vacancy in that area,” he said.

Barnes says he's been told there are deed restrictions at the old Kroger on McCord, which means it will not be a new grocery store or pharmacy moving in.

Nearby business owners say they are looking forward to a new business coming in, and that they miss the extra foot traffic brought by the grocery store.

“It was good having the draw with people coming in,” said Joe Sparks, manager of a nearby Vito's Pizza. “[They'd] come and place their order here, go over and pick something up just on their way, so it draws a little more business and traffic into the area.”

Barnes says he expects to know more about the stores by summer.

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