City of Toledo considering purchase of more land near Jeep plant

City of Toledo considering purchase of more land near Jeep plant

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) - The City of Toledo is looking at more parcels of land near the Jeep plant in hopes of enticing Fiat-Chrysler to keep Wrangler production in Toledo and expand.

“We're looking at different parcels in which to assemble in anticipation of the need for us to do an expansion,” said Mayor Paula Hicks-Hudson. “We haven't purchased anything just yet, we're just looking at being prepared, being ahead of the curve.”

The city has already bought large pieces of property in north Toledo in an attempt to keep the Wrangler local. Officials say adding more land to the deal will only help the cause.

“It will help us to make sure that we have the land available so that when we receive the good news - because that's what I'm hoping that we will get, the good news - that they want to not only keep the Wrangler, but also to do their expansion, that we will be prepared,” Hicks-Hudson said.

Toledo has acquired more than 100 acres adjacent to the Jeep plant, including the old Med Corp property.

The mayor says these additional parcels the city is considering would not only give Chrysler room to expand, but also show other executives that Toledoans are up for the challenge.

“I think that shows our willingness,” she said. “We have a strong workforce, we have the expertise, and our labor force has been doing this as their job all this time.”

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