Springfield students spend their spring break lending a helping hand

Springfield students spend their spring break lending a helping hand

SPRINGFIELD TOWNSHIP, OH (Toledo News Now) - Rather than kicking back and relaxing for spring break this week about a dozen Springfield students are helping neighbors with some spring cleaning, ranking leaves and cleaning windows just weeks before a big levy is voted on that will determine whether the school's sports and extracurricular activities are cut.

“I think doing any kind of community service makes people feel good you know… do something good feels good. I think that's a physiological phenomenon or something,” said Springfield student Nick Drozdowicz.

Springfield students organized this act of kindness with the goal of racking up 33,000 community service hours for the school year.

“One of our mottos this year is go big or go home, because we want to reach that goal and if we don't accomplish that then we are really letting ourselves down from what the standard that we set at Springfield High School,” said Springfield student Nathaniel Dusseau.

The school does have a big levy coming up on the ballot this May, but students say their effort to help would have happened regardless.

“I think more so without the levy we would just be doing it just because it's something that we like to do and we feel that our community is so great that it deserves to have our help, but we do ask for, you know, the community support because our school is really important to us and it's really important to this area,” said Springfield student Jordan Dascani.

“We have a lot of voters in this area and a lot of people that support Springfield, that's a good thing to give back to people like that,” said Dusseau.

Voters will vote on the Springfield school levy on May 5 to determine if the district gets the money they say they desperately need.

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