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Protecting yourself from identity theft

(Toledo News Now) - Last year, nearly 13 million consumers experienced identity fraud, according to a study done by Javelin Strategy and Research.

And while that number is down from 2013, it is still something you don't want to be a part of.

Financial advisor Wendy Easler says she is here to help people protect themselves.

“It's scary to a lot of people and I would like to bring some of the fear down and just show them how to prevent it," said Easler.

That was her goal Monday at a meeting on preventing identity theft held at the Birmingham public library. Easler says the best thing to do is keep up with your accounts.

“Keep an eye on your credit report and credit score, and making sure that your bills when they come into the house, you're checking all of the purchases to make sure you made all of these purchases," said Easler.

She says hackers don't always take out big bucks.

“Even the smallest amount, five-ten dollars, if you didn't do it, you need to call your bank to make sure," said Easler.

And even though an email may seem harmless, Easler says don't click on foreign links.

“Sometimes you'll get that email that has, 'hey, go to this site,' usually I call the person and find out, ‘did you really send it to me,' because that's usually a virus, something like that, or somebody fishy," said Easler.

Lastly, Easler recommends getting a prepaid card to use online, that way it's not attached to your bank account.

She also says it's not just your money you should be keeping up with, but your medical records as well, in case someone is posing as you at the doctor's office. 

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