350 headstones reset at Riverside Cemetery after ice jam damage

350 headstones reset at Riverside Cemetery after ice jam damage

MAUMEE, OH (Toledo News Now) - Many headstones have been reset since ice jams damaged Riverside Cemetery in Maumee in March, but there is still plenty of leftover debris and damage.

The cemetery is still closed, but only 25 percent of it is still covered in ice. Most of the headstones had been removed from their foundation by the ice; now 350 have been replaced.

"Right now it's killing me, I can't go in there and check them, so I'm hoping that they're not too bad," said Christina Banks, who has four family members buried at Riverside.

Kathy Fragoso buried her daughter there two years ago. She and Banks are both hoping the devastating power of the ice will be considered during repairs.

"Maybe different fencing or something," said Fragoso. "Maybe brick if they can afford it, you know, stone. I don't know what would keep it out."

Maumee city officials say headstones that were placed before the 1900s are the most damaged. Officials are asking the Department of Veterans Affairs to assist with those repairs.

The city also says there has been an outpouring of support. An anticipated 100 people from Maumee Churches United will be volunteering on Saturday to remove debris.

"When something like this is out of your control, it just helps you put your faith in other people," Fragoso said.

Officials say 25-30 tons of stone that washed in with the flooding has been removed from the cemetery, but there is still much more.

The City of Maumee is in the process of applying for emergency funding to help with the repairs. The cemetery will remain closed until further notice.