Weather cooperates for Easter Sunday activities

Weather cooperates for Easter Sunday activities

(Toledo News Now) - They raised the roof in song on Easter Sunday at Cedar Creek Church.

Record crowds turned out for an inspirational message at five weekend services.

“I sure hope that they are looking for where the real hope does lie. It doesn't lie in anything we can do ourselves but in what God has already done for us,” said Pastor Tom Martin.

Easter Sunday is also a time to spend with loved ones.

The Burch family picnicked at Walbridge Park.

Dogs were on the grill and a bit of a chill was in the air.

“It's the greatest thing in the world. Everybody has family spread out all over the country. Not everybody is given the opportunity to spend it all in one place at one time. It's awesome,” said Jeff Burch.

And it was an awesome day to go walleye fishing on the Maumee River.

Nancy Stigneur squeezed in some time angling with her son before preparing the family feast.

“Sure. I have to go home now and cook dinner. I wish it were walleye. Didn't catch anything,” said Nancy.

Matt Meyers hoped to grip it and rip it on the driving range.

He hit a bucket of golf balls on Easter Sunday then will connect with his family.

“I sure am. In a couple hours. Got to get that golf swing worked out. Got to take advantage of the weather,” said Matt.

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