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Don't Waste Your Money: Things to know before switching to streaming TV

(Toledo News Now) - There are so many streaming options available now, between Apple, Sling, and even Sony's Playstation network. But before you decide to pull the plug on your cable company, you may want to take a look at all of your options first.

Apple's upcoming TV service will offer 25 streaming channels for just $40 a month. HBO is also unveiling a streaming service for $15 a month. With Sling TV, Sony's new Playstation Vue, and Hulu Plus and Netflix, you have a lot of options.

However, says you need to know the downsides before you give up your cable box. Streaming can cost more than you think. Apple TV will be $40 a month, HBO is $15, and Netflix is $9 a month. Add in high speed internet at $40 a month and you're paying $105 a month in total. The average cable bill is now more than $120 a month.

Tech Times says none of these services duplicate the full cable experience. You're left without a DVR, on demand movies, and the ease of changing channels. With some packages, you won't even get ESPN. So add up what these new services will cost. If it's over $100 a month, cable may be worth keeping just for the convenience. That way you don't waste your money.

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