Toledo Museum of Art displays local history in Civil War exhibit

Toledo Museum of Art displays local history in Civil War exhibit

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) - A historic Civil War painting from Oregon is now the centerpiece of an exhibit at the Toledo Museum of Art.

The new exhibit takes visitors on a walk through history.

“It was an incredible war. Over three-quarters of a million people died,” said Brian Kennedy, president, director and CEO of the Toledo Museum of Art. “I think people in our area will be fascinated to see how our people were involved.”

It has been 150 years since the end of the Civil War.

The TMA exhibit holds special significance for northwest Ohio: Among the works displayed is a massive painting of the Battery H, 1st Ohio Light Artillery in action at Cold Harbor. It was taken from the Jerusalem Historical Society in Oregon to be displayed in the exhibit.

“The painting had to come out of the window, it's very, very large,” said Kennedy. “We had to do some work on it in terms of conservation, and we're just thrilled to have it here. It might be one of the best images that they haven't seen.”

Pieces in the exhibit were donated by the University of Michigan and private donors.

Museum officials like Kennedy are urging people to get out and visit the exhibit.

“I think the understanding of who we are today and what it took to become that, and what we need to become, and the values, are all in the exhibit,” he said.

The exhibit runs April 3 through July 5.

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