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Lucas Co. Sheriff, Old Newsboys offer help to family after central Toledo fire

Angel Rodgers with Sheriff Tharp Angel Rodgers with Sheriff Tharp
TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) - On Wednesday the Lucas County Sheriff and the Old Newsboys helped a central Toledo family who lost everything in a house fire last week.

When a fire destroyed Angel Rodgers' home last week, an off-duty sheriff's deputy helped rescue her 13-year-old daughter Madison, then stepped up and gave them money from his own pocket.

The Rodgers were left homeless and lacking even the essentials.

Lucas County Sheriff John Tharp was inspired by the Rodgers and Deputy Try Hill, who helped them. He says he wanted to make sure they received the help they desperately needed.

“This means that people care about us,” Madison Rodgers said.

The sheriff is a member of the Old Newsboys. He recruited the organization's help to pay for clothes, shoes and other necessities the family lost.

“I had no idea that people would actually come and find us and try and help us with clothing and, you know, housing and things that we would need,” Angel said.

“The mom is doing the best that she can do, raising her daughter and giving her daughter everything that she possibly can,” Tharp said. “This currently inspired us to help those that have really been helping themselves.”

The family had no spending limit.

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