Lucas County sales tax now 7.25 percent

Lucas County sales tax now 7.25 percent

LUCAS COUNTY, OH (Toledo News Now) - Lucas County's sales tax increase officially went into effect Wednesday, meaning everything from cars to clothes and many other items will now cost you a bit more.

It is the first sales tax increase the county has seen in more than 20 years. Lucas County Commissioners approved the quarter of a percent increase from seven percent to 7.25 percent back in January after getting input from the community during several public hearings.

“We think the impact is real, but for the average family of four it's thirty six dollars a year or three bucks a month. And what we want people to think of it is, you're investing in Lucas County,” said Lucas County Commissioner Pete Gerken.

The sales tax hike will affect purchases on clothing, appliances, vehicles, boats, alcohol, tobacco, and food bought in restaurants. It will not affect groceries, medicine or housing.

“Let's take a four hundred dollar television. You're going to pay a couple dollars more, and we think it's less than the tank of the price of gas to get there,” said Commissioner Gerken.

After passing this year's budget county leaders found it needed to increase revenue. Gerken says they expect an additional $14 million a year from the tax increase.

“We have to make sure we provide services around mental health services, around criminal justice services. We've got to use it to pay for the sheriff. We have to use it to make sure that the buildings you come to as the public are in good shape and welcoming,” said Commissioner Gerken. “Tax increases are never popular. I think the community has reacted to this really positively. So we really want people to buy in Lucas County, stay in Lucas County, because the money that we get we're going to spend in Lucas County. It's investing in your own community.”

Some area residents say they will notice the extra costs on durable goods.

“There's really nothing that I can do about it except for pay the tax,” said Lucas County resident Bonita Smith.

For others, it won't affect their regular purchases in Lucas County.

“Well I wish it wouldn't, but inevitably it has to. So I just have to deal with it as it goes. It's just a part of life,” said Lucas County resident Damon Dotson.

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