BGSU reevaluates smoking ban to make it more efficient

BGSU reevaluates smoking ban to make it more efficient

BOWLING GREEN, OH (Toledo News Now) - More and more smoking complaints are being made on the campus of Bowling Green State University.

The university adopted a “Clean Air Policy” just over a year ago, which limits smoking to certain parking lots and other designated areas. However, some say the policy isn't being followed or enforced.

“By the union I still see a lot of students smoking cigarettes,” said BGSU senior Cory Krupa.

“Over by the union people think, 'oh this is a parking lot, so I can smoke there...' well that's not true,” said BGSU associate professor Catherine Cassara.

Now the university plans to reevaluate the policy.

“We have a committee that's coming together right now that is evaluating the policy and where we are right now and they are going to provide recommendations on next steps,” said BGSU spokesman Dave Kielmeyer.

Some say the solution could be as simple as adding more signs and increasing education.

“All they would have to do was say this is a no smoking campus, you have to smoke in designated areas and actually put a sign up by the smoke stack that says that's a designated area,” said Cassara.

University leaders say that's certainly something they're looking into.

“Really I think is about education rather than enforcement,” said Kielmeyer.

Overall they say it's a strong start to reduce smoking on campus and most students agree.

“I think the ban has definitely cut down on cigarette smokers here,” said Krupa.

Frequent or habitual offenders of the campus's "Clean Air Policy" can be disciplined under the student code of conduct on campus.

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