Restaurant Ratings: Buffets receive violations in the double-digits

Restaurant Ratings: Buffets receive violations in the double-digits

(Toledo News Now) - Looking for some all-you-can-eat? There are a couple of buffets in Lucas County that you may want to avoid after this week's restaurant ratings report.

Happy Rose Buffet on Airport Highway in Toledo had a whopping 21 violations during a recent inspection. An inspector caught an employee washing their hands without soap, some food items weren't covered, exposing them to contamination, and other food, including fruit on the serving bar, wasn't held at the proper temperature.

Hometown Buffet, also on Airport Highway, had 16 violations. An employee didn't wash his or her hands before preparing food after cleaning the buffet area, salad mix and sauce was left uncovered, and sugar and flour bins were dirty.

McDonald's on Sylvania Avenue had six violations. The egg mixture wasn't held at a cold enough temperature to avoid contamination, the hand-washing sink was being used for other purposes, and there was no soap or towels at the hand-washing sink.

The Stop & Go on North Byrne also had six violations. Food was not protected from contamination,

there was no kit to test the sanitizer to make sure it was strong enough, and the three-compartment sink was dirty.

But there was better news at Penn Station East Coast Subs on Navarre in Oregon. The sandwich shop made corrections since its last inspection and received a good report recently.

If you'd prefer a hot dog, try Ideal Hot Dog on West Alexis. No violations there, either.

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