Only on 11: UT opens up ALICE training to students

Only on 11: UT opens up ALICE training to students

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) - When there's an active shooter situation every second counts and University of Toledo Police are working to train people on campus how to respond.

Right now the police department is expanding their ALICE training and opening it up to students rather than just faculty and staff. Monday WTOL 11 got an exclusive look inside one of the trainings.

Police say the more people who learn this training the better. They say it can drastically help improve your chances of survival in an emergency situation.

“It can happen anywhere and that's what we want to get the point across, that you have to be prepared to do what you can when you can,” said Officer Kevin Zimmerman.

ALICE training teaches students and teachers the right way to respond in order to minimize harm in these types of situations.

“The old traditional method of just closing the door and going into lock down doesn't work anymore,” said Zimmerman.

They say the ALICE method is more effective.

Students were taught that if they're in a situation that they can't evacuate they need to lock the door, create a barricade, turn out the lights, and then, if the shooter still makes it in the room, be prepared to distract him and throw whatever you can.

Students say they're glad the program was opened up to them.

“Not only teachers are confronted with active shooters... there's also students confronted with the same thing,” said Ashley Jemerson, President of the Criminal Justice Society.

They say this training increases safety on campus and it's something many will take with them even after graduation.

“I'm currently a senior social work major and I work in an agency, so I'm just trying to, if there's an active shooter situation or smoothing does goes wrong, just to be prepared for that,” said UT student Alyssa Essert.

UT Police say they also provide ALICE training to students studying education, so that they're prepared when they go out an become teachers.

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