Only on 11: Friend of man who led police on wild chase Saturday is speaking out

Only on 11: Friend of man who led police on wild chase Saturday is speaking out
(Jeffery Taylor)
(Jeffery Taylor)

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) - The

is in critical condition after being shot in self-defense by two officers. Now his friend is speaking out, telling only WTOL this incident does not reflect his friend's character.

Police say it all happened Saturday afternoon when they received a call that a young woman had been struck by a car on Detroit and Prospect. Soon after police attempted to stop the suspect, 53-year-old Jeffery Taylor, when he refused to stop his car and a pursuit began.

Police say Taylor then struck a man on Oakland and Ferris. Once Taylor stopped his car two officers ordered him to get out. They then fired in self-defense, striking Taylor several time as he began speeding towards them, eventually pinning one officer against his police car.

Both pedestrians and the officer are expected to be okay, according to police.

Jeff Adkin says he has known Taylor for 30 years. He says this is totally out of character for his friend. He says Taylor is a kind man and he believes this all happened as a result of Taylor not taking his medication for a mental illness.

“He just lost it. He's a nice guy. He's a sweet guy. This man will give you anything he had, he didn't care who you were. He wasn't a physical guy, not a person that would fight or argue with you or anything,” said Adkin. "The voices would take over and control him and tell him what to do and that's what he was going on. I asked him if he had taken his medicine and he said he didn't, so when he left he told me he was going to go home and take it. He said, 'Jeff I'll see you Saturday,' he never made it back."

Adkin says more awareness needs to be focused on mental health so situations like this don't happen again. 

"Half the time these people want to kill themselves, but they don't because they're too afraid to do it, because they really don't want to die. It's a call for help, but there's no help, so what are they to do," said Adkin. 

Taylor is now facing three counts of felonious assault as well as multiple traffic violations.

Police have not confirmed Taylor's mental health. He is currently being treated at St. Vincent's. 

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