Toledo Buffalo Soldiers teach TPS students what to do if pulled over by police

Toledo Buffalo Soldiers teach TPS students what to do if pulled over by police

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) - The Toledo Buffalo Soldiers and Toledo Public Schools want to make sure young people know how to handle themselves if they're pulled over by police. They held a workshop Friday for TPS students to teach them what to do.

The National Black Police Association started the program years ago because they say a lot of people don't know what their responsibilities are when it comes to dealing with police.

At Friday's workshop, the Toledo Buffalo Soldiers carried on the tradition by teaching students the basics of compliance, how to be respectful, and how to act appropriately if pulled over by police.

They had the students act out various scenarios.

Important things they want students to remember: make sure you show your hands, turn your music down, and if there are other people in the car, make sure they're quiet so you can hear the officer clearly. If it's at night, turn your dome light on.

And if you need to reach for anything, tell the officer what you're about to do beforehand.

“With everything that's happening now, with all the videos saying you don't have to talk to the police, and you don't have to do this and that, we're telling them differently because you do,” said Toledo Buffalo Soldier Earl Mack. “If you're pulled over, you need to at least – when you're asked a question, at least be respectful and answer that question.”

The main thing to take away from the workshop was to comply with the police. If you do have an issue with an officer, you can file a complaint.

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