Rep. Fedor shares personal story in opposition to 'heartbeat bill'

Rep. Fedor shares personal story in opposition to 'heartbeat bill'

COLUMBUS, OH (Toledo News Now) - State Representative Teresa Fedor took to the floor of the Ohio House this week, sharing a personal story during debate on proposed abortion legislation.

"I've heard all these stories that fit your scenario but you don't respect my reason. My rape. My abortion," Fedor said on the house floor.

The emotional statements came during debate on the so-called "heartbeat bill," which would ban abortions in Ohio when the fetus's heartbeat can be detected. Doctors who preformed an abortion when a heartbeat was present could be charged with a felony under the proposed law.

Fedor told her colleagues she was raped and had an abortion. She said she does not feel it is right for the government to get involved in her personal business and choices.

"What you are doing is fundamentally inhumane, unconstitutional and I've sat here too long and I dare anyone of you to judge me, because there is only one judge that I'm going to face," Fedor told her colleagues on the house floor.

The bill passed the Ohio House despite Fedor's objections. It now heads to the Ohio Senate, where it has been blocked in the past.

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