Only on 11: TPD look for robbery suspect chased out of gas station by employee with bat

Only on 11: TPD look for robbery suspect chased out of gas station by employee with bat

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) - Toledo police are looking for a robbery suspect they say tried to rob a west Toledo gas station before being chased out by an employee with a bat. How it all happened, only on WTOL.

Police say the suspect came into the Valero on Haverhill and tried to leave without paying for two cases of beer. That's when Valero employee Zachary Morris grabbed a bat.

“He kind of stopped at the door and I grabbed the bat and ran to the door with him,” said Morris.

He says he then handed the bat over to his manager, who had rushed over to help when he saw what was going on.

“I think he was.... he was not expecting it,” said Morris. “You just get that adrenalin rush and you try to protect what's yours.”

But that was when the suspect demanded cash.

“He said, ‘well just give me all the money, this is a stick up then,'” said Morris.

Still the two Valero employees were not giving him anything. They were able to chase him out with the bat, but he then got into a light blue car and drove off.

Morris says he knows reaching for the bat was a risky move, but it's one he didn't think twice about.

“More or less instinct… when I first started I was robbed on my third day here, so you just kind of have that second nature to grab whatever you can to protect yourself and try to defend what's yours,” said Morris.

Employees say the same guy so bold that he even came back into the store again later that night, but once again got away.

If you have any information on who he is or where he might be, call Crime Stopper at 419-255-1111.

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