Most of Side Cut Metropark back open, fishermen return

Most of Side Cut Metropark back open, fishermen return

MAUMEE, OH (Toledo News Now) - Most of Side Cut Metropark is finally back open after being closed for nearly two weeks, and that means people can go fishing.

“I'm just excited to get the fishing season underway,” said Scott Breseman.

But fishermen are not the only ones excited about the park being open. Clarence Labiche sells jigs at Side Cut, and for the last two weeks, his business has been shut down.

“It feels good being home,” Labiche said. “It's like you went on vacation for a whole month. The first thing you say is, ‘I want to go back home.' So I'm home.”

Most of Side Cut reopened Wednesday morning, so fishermen strapped on their waders and untangled their lines and made their way to Maumee.

“There's a lot of damage and there are going to be a lot of thick pieces of ice still here. There's going to be probably some hazards out there,” said Breseman.

The City of Maumee posted a sign warning people about crossing at their own risk. Fishermen like Breseman and Jacob Smith say even though it's exciting to be out fishing, safety is key.

“You're not going to know where all the potholes are. There are going to be logs floating under there,” said Smith. “A lot of stuff in the river is floating down, so that's what they mean, ‘cross at your own risk,' because if you fall, the undercurrent will take you.”

The access road east of Riverside Cemetery is still closed due to damage and will remain closed until further notice.

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