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Program helps families of children with disabilities afford help they need

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) -

A program is helping parents identify medical issues in children early on, and helping those parents get the care the children need.

The Bureau for Children with Medical Handicaps Program is run by the Toledo Lucas County Health Department.

It works like an insurance program, covering kids who have or might have special needs.

It can be a big financial help to parents as a disability can drive up medical costs. The cost of testing, hospital stays, and referrals for children who have special needs can really add up.

The program works to make sure children can continue to get the care they need.

"The purpose of BCMH in the beginning is to make sure that families don't hesitate to follow through on those referrals - to be able to get that diagnosis, and plan of treatment arranged, and then look at resources, whether it's BCMH or other resources," said Public Health Nurse Mary Apodaca.

The BCMH program provides the support and treatment for newborn children to age 21.

For a list of providers who are BCMH approved, visit

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