Fire Station 12 ready to open Friday

Fire Station 12 ready to open Friday

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) - After several setbacks and delays, Toledo Fire Station 12 is finally complete and set to open on Friday.

Firefighters and residents in the area are excited for the opening of the new station on the corner of Suder and Chase.

“I'm excited about it,” said resident Maria Poole. “I think everyone will be looking forward to the whole thing opening.”

Poole, a mother of four who lives near the station, says she's watched as it was built from the ground up and is anxiously awaiting the opening. She says the neighborhood sits between two busy railroad tracks, so she thinks having a station between them will improve response times.

“There was a fire that burned down and it took them so long to get there, I think the building would have probably been a lot more better [sic] if there was a fire station there in the first place,” she said.

Toledo Fire and Rescue says they've seen calls for service increase over the years, and the location for Station 12 was chosen to help crews cover that part of Toledo.

“It will be easier for [residents] to call 911, and they'll get there on time, so yeah, I'm pretty psyched about it,” Poole said.

The opening of Station 12 has been pushed back several times due to problems, including a problem with the ground it was built on, and again in January when a pipe burst just days before the scheduled opening.

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