TPS extends school days for some seventh and eighth grade students

TPS extends school days for some seventh and eighth grade students

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) - Some seventh and eighth grade Toledo Public Schools students will be spending a little extra time in the classroom in April and May.

The TPS school board voted to extend the school day by 30 minutes for all seventh and eighth grade students except those at Chase STEM Academy, Pickett Academy, Robinson Elementary, Glenwood Elementary, Jones Leadership Academy and Toledo Technology Academy.

Students will stay in school 30 minutes longer than normal at the end of each day between April 13 and May 14.

Two other schools, Grove Patterson Academy and the Old West End Academy will have 30 minutes added at the beginning of their day during that period.

Leaders say the problem was created because of weather-related cancellations and delays. TPS seventh and eighth grade students attend elementary school buildings, but the state requires them to attend school for the same number of hours as high school students each year.

All seventh and eighth grade TPS students will also be completing "blizzard bags" to make up for lost time.

"We have to make sure students and parents, ask your student if 'do you have a blizzard bag?' and to understand what is going to be taking place and to get that turned back in because we want every piece of information to be able to count for the students," said Toledo Public Schools Board Member Lisa Sobecki.

The district also sent a letter explaining the changes home to parents. First through sixth and high school students will not be affected by the change.

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