A look back: What to expect at the Toledo Zoo aquarium

A look back: What to expect at the Toledo Zoo aquarium

The Toledo Zoo's new aquarium opens this Friday, March 27.

Eager visitors have waited since the fall of 2012 to see the new aquarium. In January of this year, Toledo News Now gave the public a

as fish, sharks, rays and more were moved into their newly-renovated home.

The largest exhibit in the aquarium is The Reef, a 90,000-gallon exhibit featuring sleek sharks and colorful tropical fish. The Reef will also include

from inside the exhibit. They completed their training last month.

Another special sight to see will be the 27,000-gallon Gulf of Mexico exhibit, which just recently got a new inhabitant: an

found in Florida.

In addition to the large tanks and variety of fish and other underwater life, the new aquarium will feature artwork in the form of an

created by Graphite Design and Build. The company created

for the aquarium.

Be sure to visit all this and more at the new aquarium starting March 27!

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