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Drug Free Alliance meets at Lourdes University to discuss the impact of marijuana legalization

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) - Voters in Ohio could soon see the controversial issue of legalizing marijuana on the November ballot.

Monday a group met with area parents at Lourdes University to explain the effects this could have on their kids and businesses.

Several dozen people showed up for the discussion.

Right now a group of people in Ohio are working to gather enough signatures to get a marijuana legalization amendment on the November ballot.

Those at Monday's meeting say everyone needs to start thinking about how that amendment would impact kids and businesses immediately.

The presentation was done by the Drug Free Action Alliance and showed the dangers of marijuana overdose and how some people have tried to market it as candy or other treats in Colorado.

“This is one of the most misinformed subjects in the land on both sides of the issue that we really need to take a close look at this and not either demonize or glamorize and come up with something that is truthful, that people can really make informed judgments about,” said Tony Coder with the Drug Free Alliance.

He spoke about statistics from Colorado that show an increase of marijuana related car accidents, traffic fatalities and overdose hospitalizations.

They also talked about the impact this would have on businesses and want employers to start thinking about if and how they would regulate use among their employees.

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