Council must fill second empty seat after death of Jack Ford

Council must fill second empty seat after death of Jack Ford

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) - With Jack Ford's death, Toledo City Council will have another empty seat to fill.

Council will have to appoint someone within 30 days or the power will go to the Mayor to choose.

It was just three weeks ago that Toledo city council appointed small businessman Scott Ramsey to fill the 4th district seat left open when Paula Hicks-Hudson became Mayor after Mayor D. Michael Collins' death.

There will be elections in May, September, and November to fill that seat long-term.

Now council must choose someone to fill Ford's at-large council seat.

The city charter says the appointee will hold it down until a November 3rd election, where the winner will fill Ford's final 2 years.

Councilman Mike Craig says council will continue to carry on with their work despite the tumultuous year so far.

“That change is part of life and it's just that we've seen quite a bit of it in the last three months. Things will marshal on, I think,” said Councilman Craig.

Former Toledo Mayor Carty Finkbeiner doesn't like the way these council appointments are being made.

He says the city should instead look at the November 2013 city council election, for the at-large seats, specifically who finished 7th in the election, after the top 6 finishers won seats.

“We need to give that person first consideration and not let the party, some would say professionals, others would say hacks, make the determination as to who will best serve the citizens. Let's go to the guy or gal who put her hat in the ring and ran for it and came up short,” said Mr. Finkbeiner.

For what it's worth, the candidate who finished 7th in that at-large council race was Adam Martinez, who lost his re-election bid.

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