Film makers rush to complete movies in just 50 hours

Film makers rush to complete movies in just 50 hours

SYLVANIA, OH (Toledo News Now) - Friday was crunch time for some brave film makers hoping to make a short film in a matter of hours.

It's a part of the Sylvania Tree City Film Festival. Participants are given only 50 hours to make a movie, meaning the film makers only had until Sunday to create a short movie.

There are 22 teams of film makers this year and Friday they learned exactly what movie they had to make, including the name of a character they had to use, a prop, and a line of dialog.

The director of the Sylvania Community Arts Commission says anyone was welcome to participate.

“It can be somebody that knows what they are doing, it can be somebody that's never picked up a camera before, we just are trying to elevate the art of film and challenge people to go out and do something different and creative and make a movie,” said Jennifer Archer, director of Sylvania Community Arts Commission.

The films will be viewed in April. For more information


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