OSHP reminds drivers to watch for motorcycles as temperatures rise

OSHP reminds drivers to watch for motorcycles as temperatures rise

(Toledo News Now) - With the arrival of the first day of spring, many motorcyclists start to get antsy to hit the road. Some are already out, which is why the Ohio State Highway Patrol wants to remind riders and drivers to be cautious.

The OSHP Bowling Green post kicked off their motorcycle safety campaign last year after motorcycle accidents led to six deaths in Wood and Henry counties the year before. Last year, there was only one fatality in Henry County.

The campaign stresses motorcyclist education and stricter enforcement for them as well as other motorists on the road.

Lt. Jerrod Savidge at the Bowling Green post says half of all motorcycle accidents are caused by other drivers not yielding to or even noticing motorcycles on the road.

He has this suggestion:

“Look twice. Most motorcycles are a little bit harder to see than a car, so when it starts getting warm like this, look twice when you're stopped or before you pull out,” he said. “Look for that single light and make sure that you give them ample space that you would any other vehicle.”

Motorcycle riders are only required to wear a helmet in Ohio during the first year of having their endorsement, but Lt. Savidge says helmets drastically improve survival chances in an accident.

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