Ice jams destroy Perrysburg farmer's field near Buttonwood Park

Ice jams destroy Perrysburg farmer's field near Buttonwood Park

PERRYSBURG, OH (Toledo News Now) - Crews are still assessing severe

in Perrysburg after ice jams ripped through the area, tearing apart roads and damaging trees. But the park wasn't the only thing damaged: A nearby farmer suffered damage to his corn field that sits just outside the park.

The ice jams caused about 24 inches of topsoil to wash away from Doug Pratt's field. He says he hasn't seen this kind of damage since 1959.

“We have a lot of trash to have to pick up,” Pratt said. “It washed away a lot of soil. We have a lot of rocks to pick up, so it's going to just depend on how much damage there was, whether we can even farm it or not.”

When the topsoil washes away, many parts of what's left are not very fertile. Pratt says he would normally start planting in May, but now he's not sure if that will be possible.

“It has a big impact on us as far as the crop is concerned, and it has to be planted by the 10th of May,” he said. “It's just whether or not we'll have it done by that time.”

Pratt says at this point, it's a waiting game. He's waiting for the soil to dry so he can take equipment into the field and figure out what's next.

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