Toledo City Council approves General Fund, Capital Improvement budgets

Toledo City Council approves General Fund, Capital Improvement budgets

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) - Toledo City Council approved the city's 2015 General Fund and Capital Improvement budgets on Thursday.

The General Fund was approved for about $244 million, the Capital Improvement Fund for $61 million.

The budget was passed ahead of schedule, but city leader say it's tight and leaves no money for city pools. Council President Steve Steel says Mayor Paula Hicks-Hudson is looking at a private source of funding to open several community pools, but for now, the funds are not in place.

There was also little money available to go toward neighborhood improvement, There was, however, money for a firefighter class of 25, which will begin in May.

Steel says the city has lost around $15 million in state funding over the last few years, forcing them to take about $11 million out of the Capital Improvement Fund to help the General Fund.

“That $11 million, as I said, could all go towards street repaving, sidewalk repairs, other kinds of capital improvements,” Steel said. “So unfortunately, we're still in a situation where we're relying on a significant expenditure from that Capital Improvement program just to balance the General Fund budget.”

The total budget for the city is over $600 million.

to see the city's proposed Operating Budget.

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