SCAM ALERT: Con artists posing as Toledo Edison

SCAM ALERT: Con artists posing as Toledo Edison

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) - Toledo Police are working to warn you about a scam being seen around the area. Con artists are posing as representatives from Toledo Edison while demanding payments.

Detectives say this scam isn't a new one, but it's more common than you might think. Scammers are going after day care facilities and using scare tactics to try and get money.

Lighthouse Church and Daycare center on Alexis was the latest target. Someone called the center in the middle of the day claiming to be from Toledo Edison.

The scammers told the center their last electric payment never went through and said if they didn't make a new payment in 45 minutes the power would be shut off. All of this happened while the kids were there.

Thankfully, the woman answering the phone knew something was off. She had the pastor call Toledo Edison, which is when they found out this was a scam.

"When we called Toledo Edison back we were told immediately this is a scam and they're targeting leading centers and childcares," said Pastor Brian Dunn.

If you get a call of this nature, Toledo Police Department detectives say you should always follow up with the company.

Victims say these scammers often sound legitimate, and their phone call even came up as "Toledo Edison" on the daycare facility's caller ID.

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