Concerned citizens hear plans on proposed interchange at Dorr and 475

Concerned citizens hear plans on proposed interchange at Dorr and 475

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) - Wednesday over a hundred concerned citizens attended an open house on a proposed interchange that could dramatically change their neighborhood.

The proposed interchange at Dorr and 475 has been talked about for years, but this was the first time a public meeting had been held on the topic.

In all 175 people attended Wednesday's meeting to find out more on the possible interchange. Though nothing is officially set in stone, people living nearby still have come serious concerns.

“Mainly the increased traffic on Dorr, if it was going to make it difficult for us to be able to get in and out of the neighborhood and I wanted to see how close the intersections were going to come to our development itself,” said resident Don Allen.

“I'm not entirely sure were those ramps will be, that may be in the backyard, if that is the case that is not good,” said resident Randy Tusing.

But even with the worries, there could be some benefits in creating the interchange at Dorr and 475.

“For Dorr Street, for instance there's a five mile stretch between Airport Highway and Central Ave. exits at 475, that creates some congestion issues, some safety issues, some crash issues along the corridor of Airport Highway and Central Ave.,” said Jeff Lohse with the Lucas County Engineers Office.

A preliminary drawing of what the interchange could look like shows a ramps straight up and off the highway at Dorr, creating a diamond shape.

The funding for the project is not officially set in place, but would be a joint effort among multiple entities in the community.

Wednesday's focus was on answering as many questions as possible.

“This is a planning level thing. We basically have aerials of concept placed on the best of the ability of what could be impacted. We're not at the level to be able to tell somebody how specifically they're impacted. We can generally tell what's happening and we are trying to rely that information to people,” said Lohse.

All the comments received at Wednesday's meeting will be reviewed.

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