Only on 11: ProMedica Breast Care Center offers advance screening technologies

Only on 11: ProMedica Breast Care Center offers advance screening technologies

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) - ProMedica Toledo Hospital's Breast Care Center is using the latest medical technology for finding and treating breast cancer. They gave WTOL 11 an exclusive tour of the facility to spread the word on cancer screening.

“We have multiple technologies with the goal of catching cancers early,” said Dr. Robin Shermis, medical director of ProMedica Breast Care.

The center utilizes 3-D mammography technology, breast MRIs, and molecular breast imaging (MBI), which is particularly helpful for women with dense tissue.

“We're going to need to have some sort of supplemental screening technique and women should be aware one of the best ones now, in our opinion, is doing the molecular breast imaging if you're not high risk,” Shermis said. “It will catch cancers that the mammogram won't suspect.”

As one of the longest-standing MBI programs across the country, the Breast Care Center has seen more than 4,000 patients since 2011, and part of the goal is to provide immediate results and a network of support for patients.

“If someone does need to have a biopsy,” Shermis said, “they'll talk with our nurse navigator. And she's an integral part of letting the patient know what to expect, and the process going forward if the biopsy does turn out to be cancer.”

As a "one-stop-shop" for patients, Dr. Shermis also said the center works to be a trusted resource for breast health and care in the Midwest region.

“We just want women to be aware that there are very few centers that offer the services that we do, in terms of being open on Saturdays, having your MRIs and your MBIs read real-time right after the studies are done, having your mammograms in a diagnostic setting read, having if you need a biopsy all in the same a very reliable and efficient way,” he said.

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