Toledo Mayor Hicks-Hudson announces candidacy for November mayoral election

Toledo Mayor Hicks-Hudson announces candidacy for November mayoral election

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) - The last couple of months have been a whirlwind for Mayor Paula Hicks-Hudson after being thrown into the position of mayor following the death of late Mayor D. Michael Collins.

It was definitely not a position the former city council president had anticipated taking, but she says now, with the city budget close to being passed and a proposal handed off to Fiat Chrysler, she is ready to dedicate the time and officially run for mayor.

The announcement was made official Wednesday morning at a press conference at Wilson Park. There Mayor Hicks-Hudson said a big part of her campaign starts with Toledo neighborhoods. She says she believes solid neighborhoods will build a stronger city.

"I think it is crucial that we recognize and celebrate the fact that there are individuals at the ground level that actually have solutions and ways to solve our problems and not just look at the professionals, but bring everyone together," said Hicks-Hudson.

And many of Hicks-Hudson's supporters are by her side.

"She's a thinker. She thinks before she speaks, she analyzes the data, and then she assesses the situation. And today was an example, the proof is in the pudding, she analyzed everything before she decided to just rush and announce a run for mayor, very intelligent woman," said supporter Ruth Ashford.

"She's a hands on person. She gets out and meets the public. She's concerned about the public. She's not behind the desk and behind the glass, she gets out there and I love that about her," said supporter Joe Austin. 

Hicks-Hudson is the first to announce a run for the city's top seat, but there are others considering the same, including D. Michael Collins Widow Sandy Drabik.  

Election Day is scheduled for Tuesday, November 3.

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