How to get rid of snow mold

How to get rid of snow mold

(Toledo News Now) - The snow is finally melting, and it's officially spring on Friday, but you may have noticed your yard has patches of gray or pink in the grass. So what is it?

“Snow mold is a grayish, sometimes pinkish mold that sometimes kind of lays flat, right over the surface of the lawn,” said Keith Fager, co-owner of Nature's Corner.

The mold is prevalent in the northwest Ohio area, especially after a brutal winter.

“The snow has been accumulating for a long time, so when you get periods of high accumulations, the lawn lays pretty flat,” Fager explained. “A lot of times it's from people not mowing their lawn at a decent height in the fall. The grass is pretty long so it lays flat and there's a lot of leaves on it, and it causes a mold.”

While the snow mold is technically a fungus, there are not any fungicides that will work this time of year due to the cooler temperatures.

The first step in treating snow mold is raking the area.

“Then if there are bare spots, start to go over it with some over-seed and a little bit of topsoil,” Fager said. “Usually around mid-to-late April is a really good time to start putting pre-emergent and fertilizer on your lawn.”

Fager also says homeowners should not be worried about touching or being near snow mold, but he says they should use some caution.

“I still wouldn't let your dogs or your kids graze on it right now, but it's not dangerous, no,” he said.

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