Only on 11: Training trailer helps Toledo Firefighters practice real world situations

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) - Toledo firefighters got some real world training experience Tuesday when the State Fire Marshal's Office set up a training lab at Owens Community College. WTOL 11 was the only station there for a firsthand look at the training.

It's a massive trailer with two levels of obstacles that are all challenges firefighters can face in a house fire.

"In a typical house you may run into one or two of these situations. This provides maybe 12 different scenarios, all in one simulation and maybe it's not realistic in that sense. But it does give us the chance to work step by step through different kinds of situations," said Lt. Greg Yingling with Toledo Fire and Rescue.

"Other training we have had has not been real life but this situation allowed us to be in a complete blacked out situation where is simulated being in an actual fire," said Toledo Firefighter Eddie Hartman.

Plastic wrap was placed on the firefighters' masks to simulate very heavy smoked out conditions. The wrap basically blinds firefighters.

The training trailer teaches crews to conserve air, work as a team and ask for help if they get in trouble.

"We work very hard to say mayday as first responders. Firefighters are not good at helping themselves. They are very good at helping other people. We are trying to work in the mind set if we need help ask for it. Give us enough time so we can help you get out of the situation you are in," Lt. Yingling said.

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