BBB: Beware of more IRS scams

BBB: Beware of more IRS scams

(Toledo News Now) - We have beaten the subject of the IRS robocall to death (although it is still cheating many), but there are other IRS-related scams that cheat consumers at this time of the year.

Here are a few the Better Business Bureau is warning consumers to look out for:

  • A robocall demanding back taxes immediately or you will be arrested.
  • An “IRS employee” says you are eligible for a big rebate for filing taxes early but he needs your bank account information for direct deposit of the rebate.
  • The IRS sent you a check that has not been cashed and they need to verify your bank account number.
  • An email from the IRS telling you to click on a refund claim form asking personal information and your SSN.
  • An email that you are being audited. It also requires you to click on a link to give personal information.
  • An email notifying you to download important changes in the tax law. Click on the link and download viruses.
  • An offer to get a cash award for completing an IRS online customer satisfaction survey.

The IRS never initiates email or robocalls to a taxpayer! They will most commonly send you a letter.

To talk to the Better Business Bureau call 419-531-3116 or 1-800-743-4222.

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