iTaalk helping those with autism through iPads

iTaalk helping those with autism through iPads

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) - A non-profit organization is using iPads to help those with autism.

One Parents says the devices have made a world of a difference in her children's lives.

“Kids love technology, it takes that social pressure off of them,” said Kate Schwartz, mother of two children who have been diagnosed with autism.

Taking the pressure off is just one of the benefits she says she has witnessed in both of her children, 8-year-old Michael and 11-year-old Emily. Schwartz says iPads have especially helped Michael to dramatically cut down on his screaming and stay focused on improving many areas of his life. She says it's been a godsend.

“Instead of children fighting they can each have their own device,” said Schwartz, “they can interact, they can play the same game.”

The non-profit organization iTaalk is giving these devices to families with autistic children free of charge. They have already given iPads to around 250 families nationwide including 100 families in the Toledo area.

“I think it's great when you can see the older and younger kids working together on the same device and showing each other things and you know it's a good tool to help our kids,” said Tammy Eisenreich with the iTaalk Autism Foundation.

She says iTaalk provides all types of services for families who have an autistic member in their home including educating parents on how to best utilize iPads and the apps that are available. Eisenreich says this technology continues to produce amazing results.

“It can help them be verbal, it can help them be social, it can help them work on their fine motor skills,” said Eisenreich.

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