Don't Waste Your Money: Wacky tax deductions

Don't Waste Your Money: Wacky tax deductions

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) - Everyone wants the biggest tax refund possible, so when filing our taxes many of us look for things to deduct, but you may be surprised by what some people try to pull off.

According to CNN Money, some of the several wacky deductions that people have attempted include a new mink coat as a business expense for company functions, saltwater aquarium, underwear because it was worn under a uniform, beer, and even a visit to a prostitute.

CNN Money also says some legitimate deductions can only be used by a select few. For example, private school tuition if a child had an allergy issue at their public school and clarinet lessons okayed by a doctor for correcting an overbite.

If you're not sure if a deduction is legitimate Turbo Tax and other online sites offer lists of what is and isn't deductible and of course you can always check with a CPA so you don't waste your money.

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