Toledo Zoo gets 3 baby Galapagos tortoises

Toledo Zoo gets 3 baby Galapagos tortoises

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) - Three new guests have moved into the Toledo Zoo – and they have a lot of history!

The baby Galapagos tortoises came from a zoo in Texas.

Right now, they're too young to determine gender, but they are a very important addition to the zoo: They will be the foundation of a future breeding program.

Keeper Hannah Gerritsen says while the tortoises are small now, they could eventually get as big as six feet long and weigh as much as 500 pounds.

And because of their long life span, several generations of zoo visitors will have the chance to see them.

“These ones are only a couple of years old right now, but their life span is around 150 years old,” Gerritsen said. “Emerson, our adult that we have right now, is approximately 100 years old, so he'll probably be here until I retire.”

The tortoises don't usually reach maturity until about 15 years old.

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