Addiction Summit held in Lenawee County

Addiction Summit held in Lenawee County

The Addiction Summit is bringing together the Lenawee County community.  Residents are coming face to face with the reality of drugs and alcohol here in the county and throughout the country.

People on hand for this Addiction Summit at Adrian High School heard just how real this problem is.  Phil Pavona was one of the featured speakers at the event, his son Eric died of a heroin overdose at the age of 25.  He told the audience Eric was a very bright kid with many college scholarship offers, his message: addiction can affect anybody at anytime.

“It affects every kid, every color, every stretch, it doesn't matter how much money their parents make or don't make, or whatever. It happens to do,” said Pavona. “They're all targeted right now.”

Mark Lundholm is another featured guest at this event.  He's a well known comedian who is a recovering addict. He's been clean for more than two decades now.

“26 years sober means I've run out of excuses to behave badly,” said Lundholm. “I don't have any excuses anymore, I can say I didn't know better but the truth is I knew better that day, I didn't do better that day.”

A big part of the reason why Lenawee County felt it was so important to host this Addiction Summit is because the county has experienced an increase in the number of heroin overdoses and drug and alcohol related offenses.

“We're trying to educate people what to look for,” said Lenawee County Sheriff Jack Welsh. “We know a lot of our younger adults are involved in this. we've had a lot of younger adults die because of drug overdoses.”

This event, which was free to the public, also featured presentations from law enforcement, treatment providers and a wide array of other speakers.  For more information on Phil Pavona's organization


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