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Call 11 for Action: Credit card information stolen at Toledo area Zoup!

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) - Lisa Henneman says she got a call about some suspicious charges on her debit card after eating at the Zoup! restaurant on Talmadge Road a couple of weeks ago.

The Huntington Bank Fraud Department informed her that Zoup! restaurants had their system breached and that her card information may be compromised.

Lisa had one charge from a Starbucks in Canada and the bank blocked a second one from going through.

Zoup's founder says they believe malware was placed into their third party cash register company and they're trying to figure out how many other customers may have had their information stolen.

He says the problem could have been in place from February 2 to March 5, but it is resolved now and current customers are safe.

Luckily, Lisa's bank is taking care of the charges, but she wants other customers to be aware.

“I'm going to start checking it more often now, probably every day to every other day. But in this day and age, we are using credit cards, we're using debit cards. Nobody feels safe carrying cash. So really just kind of keep an eye on your bank account and check that account,” said Lisa.

Zoup! has set up a website with information that potential victims need to know. 

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