Community Peace Day planned same day as Neo-Nazi rally

Community Peace Day planned same day as Neo-Nazi rally

(Toledo News Now) - A major effort is underway to plan a city-wide “Community Peace Day.” The goal is to organize it for April 18, the same day a Neo Nazi group plans to rally downtown.

The whole idea is to take attention away from that group downtown and have people throughout the community focus on positive, community building events.

“Other people can rally... they can do whatever they want, but the community needs to know that we live in peace and we have for years,” said Tina Scott, organizer and Willys Park block watch leader. “We are the ones the people should be focused on, to say, ‘hey look, we live in peace… let's have a community peace day.'”

Scott says the plan it to bring the community together in a park for a day of fun, games, and food. She says it is not an anti-rally, but simply a way to put the attention that day on the people of Toledo that deserve it.

The idea is quickly catching on with a Facebook event dedicated to the event that has been shared with hundreds.

Scott says she also plans to meet with other block watch leaders to encourage them to plan similar events in their neighborhoods.

“I would love to see all different areas throughout the City of Toledo, even the surrounding areas, pull together for Community Peace Day,” said Scott.

She says the people of Toledo are strong and if they can come together in times of tragedy, like the water crisis, then she is confident they can come together for this.

“Hey we pulled together on that, if we survived that, we can pull together for this,” said Scott.

She says she hopes businesses will also get involved and donate if they can because the more people involved in positive activities that day the better.

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