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Don't Waste Your Money: Pet owners concerned after lawsuit filed against popular dog food brand

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) - A class action lawsuit against a popular dog food brand has thousands of pet owners across the country feeling uneasy.

The suit claims that Beneful dog food may be causing thousands of pets to get sick, but Purina, who is planning to fight the lawsuit, says there is no reason for concern and the food is perfectly healthy to feed your pet. 

Lee Whalen says her dachshund Toby passed away last year of kidney failure.

“He was my first baby,” said Whalen. “He had a seizure, kidneys gave out, and he died in my arms.”

After his death she says she started seeing complaints about Purina's Beneful dog food from other dog owners on Facebook.

“A lot of the things people were taking about…that was Toby. And with the vets not having any other explanation for his kidney failure at such a young age, what else am I supposed to think?” said Whalen.

She says she had been feeding Toby Beneful for several years.

But, despite the lawsuit, veterinarians say not to jump to any conclusions before seeing a doctor.

Dr. Denise Chase says many different aliments cause liver and kidney failure.

“There are many diseases that cause GI symptoms that are not related to the food. So the first thing is to have your veterinarian do an exam, do some testing to see what the problem really is. It's very often not the food,” said Dr. Chase.

She says if you suspect your pet is sick from food, don't just switch foods because if it is an illness you could lose valuable time.

"You can change the food at home if you want to, but you may be just wasting time as your pet gets sicker and you haven't gotten a checkup to see what's really going on," said Dr. Chase.

Bottom line: if your pet is having digestive problems after eating a certain type of food make a doctor's appointment so your pets stays healthy and you don't waste your money. 

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