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Only On WTOL: Woman warns others of convincing con man

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) - A Toledo woman is warning others about a con man accused of stealing, cheating and swindling women. Only on WTOL, she explains how she along with others are spreading the word.

Sarah Plocek is a busy, well established realtor. She says just days ago she was contacted over Facebook by a man who said his name was David Ricci.

“He has 2,000 friends and 42 of those are my mutual friends, so I thought this was legit and I would get business out of this,” said Sarah.

Promised more business, she decided to do a little research before going any further.

“I researched, I Googled his name, I looked for anything before going any further, I found nothing showing me not to talk with this guy,” said Sarah.

So Sarah continued to talk to him.

“During his conversations he was making me feel comfortable and making his statements seem true,” said Sarah.

The two planned to meet up for drinks, but then Sarah called it off.

“Something just told me not to go through with it so I just cut him off,” said Sarah.

Then Sarah found out David Ricci is really David Klotz, a convicted felon accused of several crimes from theft to forgery in Ohio and Florida.

Another woman claiming to be a victim of Klotz contacted Sarah and told her about a Facebook group started called Stop David Klotz.

“It was crazy, when I saw all this stuff my heart just dropped,” said Sarah.

Dozens of victims are now using the Facebook page as a forum to get the word out about the convincing con man.

“I just want him caught, he needs to be in jail, I don't want him doing what he did to me, which didn't even get to a severe point luckily, happening to someone else,” said Sarah.

The Toledo Police Department says at this time there are no open warrants for Klotz's arrest.

If you think you have been a victim of his or are currently communicating with him call police and get a police report filed immediately. Investigators cannot start a case until they get a complaint. 

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