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EDITORIAL: Vaccinations work, Period

(WTOL General Manager and Vice President Bob Chirdon) (WTOL General Manager and Vice President Bob Chirdon)
(Toledo News Now) - The vaccination vexation is a battle which most of us thought was won long ago. 

Vaccinations work. Period. 

The diseases which vaccinations prevent should not be permitted to gain a toehold in this modern era. However, in a manipulative and calloused way, the anti-vaccine crowd is often indulged as a political tool. But is this about politics or is it about protecting our children and their children and so on? 

I had measles, chicken pox and the mumps as a child. Based on those unpleasant memories I wish the vaccination option had been available to my parents. 

You don't need to be a doctor to understand that children are better off not getting any of the diseases that are currently making a comeback. The decision to vaccinate should be about the greater good and what that has meant to tens of millions of children, weighed against the rare adverse reaction. 

Seen in this simple equation, vaccinating children should be the overwhelming choice…to do otherwise is to invite unnecessary and possibly widespread illness and possible lifelong consequences. That just doesn't make sense. 

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