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IRS warning about tax scam targeting people this season

(Toledo News Now) - An IRS warning about a tax scam targeting people all over the country this tax season wants you to be aware of phony phone calls claiming you owe money.

The IRS says callers pretending to be IRS agents are claiming you owe money and demanding you pay up or else be prepared to face the legal consequences, or even jail time.

They say it's happening in all 50 states and nearly 3,000 people have already become victims, scammed out of more than $14 million dollars.

Those same scammers have been calling Meg every day for nearly a week now. They told her she had been audited for the last five years and owes $1,900 in taxes, and needed to pay now.

"I told him ‘that's impossible because I pay my taxes on time every year.' I said ‘there's no way I owe money,'" said Meg. "He said ‘yes you do and if you don't agree to settle out of court, I'll have to put out a warrant for your arrest.'"

The scammers often call from overseas, disguising their numbers to look like they really are from the IRS. They leave those numbers on voice mail's demanding you call back and when you do the scammers try to get you to wire them the balance due or spend hundreds of dollars on a prepaid cash card.

And if you refuse that's when the threats start.

"They're going to tell you that we're going to send an agent out there to arrest you and put you in handcuffs, drag you away in front of your kids," said Tom Gallagher with the BBB. "They'll create a picture for you. It is not true. It is not accurate. Don't believe it. Don't fall for it."

The Better Business Bureau says there's an easy way to make sure you don't get duked out of your hard earned cash.

"If you get the call, ignore it. Hang up," said Gallagher. "The longer you talk to them the better the chance they are going to take you. Remember these people are pros. This is how they earn their living."

The IRS says they will never call to demand immediate payment or require payment with prepaid cash cards, and they won't threaten to arrest you. 

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