City crews busy filling pot holes to make your commute smoother

City crews busy filling pot holes to make your commute smoother

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) - Right now three to four city crews are being sent out daily. One crew filled pot holes along the Anthony Wayne trail Monday, using a cold mix since the asphalt plants have closed for the season.

“The trail has been an issue all summer long pretty much, so we're trying to keep up with the potholes there since the traffic is so high on that stretch of road,” said city worker Jeremy Mikolajczyk.

The trail has been a challenge for the city, but not one they say they can't handle, having crews out daily filling the craters.

But more pot holes are expected to pop up due to the drop in temperatures.

“Basically the pavement freezes and if there are any voids in it, it breaks,” said Mikolajczyk.

He says last year the winter started off wetter. He says this year seems to be colder, which is a factor that plays a vital role in how many potholes they will see.

“I would think that it's looking a little better right now since we haven't had a whole lot of rain to penetrate,” said Mikolajczyk.

New this year, crews have a hot box on the back of their trucks heating the cold mix to 100 degrees so that it doesn't freeze.

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