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BBB gives tips on gift cards

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) - If you made santa's "nice list" you may have gotten a gift card, but sometimes that money can go to waste.

The Better Business Bureau says every year billions of dollars are spent on gift cards that are never used, but there are ways to make sure your money is put to good use.

First and foremost, make sure you put the gift card in a safe place as soon as you get it to avoid misplacing it.

“The money is lost because people throw the cards away, they forget about them, we see this all the time and when you get a gift card put it in your purse or your wallet right away” said Local BBB President Dick Eppstein.

He says you should also spend the money right away, especially if it is for a smaller business.

“Unfortunately the card is forgotten for months and by the time somebody finds it and says oh we forgot to go to that restaurant, or we didn't go to that shop and they go over there they discover the place is closed, it's out of business,” said Eppstein.

He says there is also the threat that crooks can write down the number of the gift card and steal the money.

They do so by using the card number online before it can be used by the person to whom the card was intended for.

They can take the number while it's out on a store display, or on its way through the mail.

Eppstein says its all the more reason to use the money as soon as possible, before the money can be stolen.

“So that is another reason to make very sure that when you buy a gift card, that it's protected and use it promptly after it's given on Christmas,” said Eppstein.

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