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Lucas County sales tax may impact shoppers next year

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) - While the day after Christmas is considered a good day for shopping bargains, the deals may be a little different next year.

Lucas County is proposing to raise the sales tax by a quarter of a percent to 7.25, and some residents say that could impact their shopping.

“I think it will affect especially the big purchases…after the Christmas shopping next year, I think it will make an impact,” said Betsy Campbell, a shopper at The Shops at Fallen Timbers in Maumee.

Some say it could drive shoppers and revenue to neighboring counties and states.

“On small purchases, it isn't going to bother me. but on bigger purchases, I'll probably go over the line into Michigan, like to buy a car or appliance or something like that,” said Glen Abrams.

Lucas County Commissioners say the tax hike would likely cost the average family around $36 a year. But for Wood County resident Connie Adams, the tax increase would still be worth it.

“The sales tax goes for good things in Lucas County, and we do travel up here a lot, so it is what it is. Prices are going up everywhere,” said Adams.

Public hearings for the tax proposal will begin in January. If approved by a majority of the Board of Commissioners, the sales tax hike would take effect in April. The county would start collecting money in July, just months before next year's holiday shopping season begins.

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